Just-in-time and warehousing do not have to be contradicting one another.

In a lot of cases the only way to reach economically smart batch sizes is by using storage and since cardboard is quite space consuming a lot our customers simply do not have the space to store it within their own facilities. That is why we provide storage at our facilities mounting up to 25,000 pallet spaces.

Warehousing for Wine- and Spirits-Packaging

For over 50 years now, we have been maintaining a consistently growing warehouse in Wittlich which, located easily accessible between Trier and Koblenz, is especially interesting for our customers in the region of the river Mosel. There we assemble and store packaging specifically for the wine-, sparkling wine- and spirits-industry. Due to the fact that we offer this even for very small batch sizes, we are familiar with almost every kind of standard- and special-bottle.

Our sales-region has traditionally been within the river region of Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Nahe, Ahr, Middle-Rhine, as well as Palatino, Eifel and Luxemburg. Our branch manager Mr. Schenk, a former cellar master himself, will assist you with profound industry-specific knowledge and experience, which has been valued and appreciated by all of our customers ever since he started. Nevertheless, we will be of support regarding questions for any kind of packaging. In addition to packaging for export and PTZ-approved parcel mailing and standard packaging we also offer individual custom-made packaging as well as gift-packaging and displays. Moving boxes are the ideal completion of our product portfolio.

We certainly also have the perfect packaging for your needs – we are always up for a challenge and the friendly sales-team in Wittlich is already expecting your request!