Just in Time

… not only a catch phrase. For the longest time have we delivered our products to wherever our customers need us to, even on short-notice and exact on the required date and time


Truck Fleet

Our own truck fleet – The basis for our delivery service

Our own truck fleet is specialized on cardboard being a „lightweight“. However, we also operate a sufficient number of 40-tonner trucks. Cooperating with capable and efficient freight forwarders allows us to operate on a very high level of reliability, flexibility and speed.

We also offer cost efficient transport for 3rd parties within the region of Koblenz, Neuwied and Mayen. Please contact our transport department for further information and quotes:

Thomas Eich
Telefon 0049 /2651/954-216 Fax- 276
E-Mail: t.eich@wellpappe.de

Gregor Sonntag
Telefon 0049 /2651/954-210 Fax-276
E-Mail: g.sonntag@wellpappe.de