The beginning of the company is officially dated back to the year 1778. Back then Wilhelm Boltersdorf married Katharina Elisabeth Strepp. Through this marriage Boltersdorf joined the mill in Kreuzau of Tillmann Strepp, one of the oldest paper manufactures in the region of Dueren.

tl_files/brohlwellpappe/redaktion/Tradition/Brohl.jpgThe family continued as paper manufacturers in Kreuzau for over 140 years. Wilhelm Boltersdorf was followed by Heinrich Boltersdorf (1782-1850), Damian Boltersdorf (1815-1860), Bernhard Boltersdorf (1847-1920) and Josef Boltersdorf (1879-1952). In 1919 Josef Boltersdorf acquires a paper factory in Brohl along the river Rhine which also looks back on quite a long history. It was founded 1792 by the Dutch Pieter Jacob van der Meulen who developed it to be one of the most significant paper factory in the region of the Rhineland. The factory in Kreuzau is sold the same year.

tl_files/brohlwellpappe/redaktion/Tradition/Ahrbrueck.jpgHis son Fritz Boltersdorf (1913-1989) dares a very important step by starting to produce and process corrugated board at the location in Brohl. During 1957 a new location in Ahrbrueck is opened which is equipped with a third paper machine and extended by a corrugated board machine in 1962.

In Fleisbach (today belonging to the township of Sinn close to Herborn) another small paper factory is acquired and significantly extended and developed over the following years. Due to reasons of economic profitability, since 1972 the paper manufacturing was concentrated on Brohl and the corrugated board manufacturing and processing was concentrated on the locations in Ahrbrueck and Fleisbach. Insufficient possibilities for growth forced parts of the processing from Ahrbrueck to be re-located to a new location in Mayen during the years of 1990/91. This location was also extended and developed over the following years by the addition of another corrugated board manufacturing line. In 1996 the family made the painful, but necessary decision after 218 to give up the paper manufacturing in Brohl-Luetzing. The paper factory closed its doors during the same year.   

A big step was taken during the year 2000. The manufacturing from the location Ahrbrueck was completely re-located to Mayen. On an area of almost 90,000 m² and in a facility with over 34,000 m² floor space one of the most modern production sites of the entire German cardboard industry was built.

During 2003 the well-known company of Wellpappe Rheinland GmbH in Niederzier which is close to Juelich was acquired. Also this company looked back on a very long and rich-in-tradition history. The company was founded in 1917 by Johannes Krieger as a corrugated board factory. Since the acquisition the location has been developed to be specialized in demanding punched products as well as high-quality flexography and off-set-lamination.

The business activities were transferred to Brohl Wellpappe in the beginning of 2008 and the location was kept in operation.

Through the acquisition of the Ehm-Group in Trier during 2006 the company was able to increase the product and service portfolio by offset-printing, inline-lamination, cardboard processing, reprography and the production of printing blocks. At the end of 2009 the production site re-located to Foehren. A new facility of 22,000m² was built on an area of 62,000 m².

In 2013 Brohl Wellpappe took over the majority of the display specialist USP Display B.V. in Dronten in the Netherlands.